In response to the continuing threat of COVID-19, Feliciana Retreat & Conference Center is doing everything possible to ensure the safety of all those who stay with us. To that end, we have instituted new protocols related to cleaning procedures and other guest protocols designed to ensure the safety of all. Please let us know if you have any questions related to the following. (Updated content in red)

Masks: In accordance with the 7/13/20 directive from the Governor of Louisiana (extended to 12/31/2020), Feliciana Retreat & Conference Center is encouraging all guests to wear face coverings when on the property and requiring the use of face coverings in any indoor public spaces. This includes the office, lodges, conference/meeting rooms, and dining room while not eating or drinking. We appreciate your compliance with the Governor’s directive and this policy of Feliciana Retreat & Conference Center, both of which are designed to ensure the safety of all our guests and staff. Read guidance on this directive from the State of Louisiana here.

Cleaning Protocols

  • All lodging spaces are sprayed between every reservation with a food-grade, hypoallergenic disinfectant approved by the CDC. This includes comforters, blankets, and pillows, as well as all surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and living areas.
  • We will adjust retreat schedules to allow for a full day between groups for deep cleaning all lodging facilities being turned over.
  • Public restrooms are cleaned three times per day.
  • Door handles, push bars, and other common touch surfaces in public areas are disinfected twice daily. The exterior handles of guest rooms in the lodge are cleaned twice daily.
  • Room keys are disinfected between every reservation.
  • Hand sanitizer is available in common areas such as meeting rooms, foyers, the dining room, and the office. Frequent hand washing by staff and guests is encouraged.

Food Service

  • Dining hall and kitchen are sprayed between every meal with a food-grade, hypoallergenic disinfectant approved by the Louisiana Department of Health, including touch items such as beverage dispensers and table condiments.
  • The service line is marked for 6-foot distancing between guests.
  • Tables and chairs are spaced with prescribed distances between guests.
  • Servers are required to wear face masks and gloves and a plexiglass barrier will separate servers from guests.
  • Meals will be served using disposable dishware, utensils, and drinking ware.
  • Self-service items such as beverages and salad bar will be eliminated and served by dining hall staff.

Conference Rooms

  • All meeting rooms and common areas are sprayed between every reservation with a food-grade, hypoallergenic disinfectant approved by the Louisiana Department of Health.
  • A 6-foot distance between unrelated attendees is recommended while social distancing orders from the State of Louisiana are in effect.

Other Amenities

  • We are working on specific recreation guidelines but will be updating this as soon as possible.  If you are interested in recreation options, we will make sure that you get a copy of the guidelines prior to your arrival.
  • All recreation equipment will be sanitized between usage.

Conference Reservations

  • We are actively accepting bookings for all of our facilities with certain restrictions on capacities.
  • Per the Governor of Louisiana, the current gathering size maximum for conference groups is 75 people total. We anticipate this number to increase and will update this guideline accordingly.  Capacities for most meeting areas are less than 75 and restricted to 25% of the fire codes for each facility. The Delta Room capacity at the current level of restrictions is 25% or 20 people. The Barton Hall capacity at the current level of restrictions is 25% or 30 people.
  • Suggest that groups book accordingly for unrelated participants.  Until further notice, single occupancy rates (if needed) will be reduced to double occupancy rates. (Families within the same household may share lodging space.)
  • Cancellation allowances have been extended through 12/31/2020 (may be extended – TBA). All groups scheduled to arrive through December 31, 2020, will qualify for the following options:
  1. Continue as planned, with expanded revision allowances to cancel as many lodging units as desired without penalty, adjust your count for meals to as few as 12 people (or less if combined with another group), complimentary meeting space with as few as 7 lodging units reserved, and adjusted minimums for each of our lodging facilities.
  2. Reschedule within approximately 12 months and transfer your deposit to the future event.
  3. Cancel and convert your deposit into a tax-deductible donation to support Feliciana Retreat & Conference Center’s ministry.
  4. Cancel and request a refund of your deposit in the form of a check. Our intention is to issue refunds within 30 days of your event arrival date.

All guests are required to sign a liability waiver to be on the property. Feliciana Retreat & Conference Center staff are screened for COVID-19 symptoms before coming to work each day. Staff and guests are instructed to stay home if they have a fever, are experiencing flu-like symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19.

If you have any questions, please contact

Updated 11.25.2020