Here, you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions, including information on our capacity, the cost, and facilities. If you need further support, feel free to contact us.

How do I know if a particular date is available for my group?

The best place to start is to click ‘Book’ at the top of this page. You can search by date, or you can check availability on our bookings calendars. If you are looking for the use of the whole of the site, please contact us in the first instance.

How much will it cost?

You will find details of fees on our facility information pages (see accommodation options and meeting options). Generally speaking, meeting space is $5 per person per day, and accommodation ranges from $10 to $62 per person per night. Please note that some of our spaces do have a minimum spend limit, as their cost is calculated on a per-person basis.

How many people can the Feliciana Retreat and Conference Center accommodate for overnight stays?

156 in air-conditioned buildings. There are four distinct venues with sleeping areas that are air-conditioned and can be booked individually or as a whole depending on availability. The Lodge can accommodate up to 69 guests. The Cottages provides beds for 54 individuals.  The Log Cabin sleeps 20.  The campground has a flexible capacity depending on the group’s needs and sleeps up to 44.  Outlying rustic cabins without air-conditioning provide for another 40.

What special needs can you take care of?

Most venues are easily accessed. At this time we have an ADA accessible room in our lodge, an ADA accessible public bathroom in the lodge area, one of our lodging cottages has a ramp, and the meeting cottage has a ramp an ADA accessible bathroom. If more ADA accessible areas are needed, the Feliciana Retreat and Conference Center has been successfully used for years by several individuals confined to wheelchairs.  Please email to discuss your requirements.

Is the cost of meals included in the cost of the rooms?

No. However, arrangements for on-site meals may be added for any group at the time of booking. The Feliciana Retreat and Conference Center has a dining hall that can seat up to 90 individuals at once or split a larger group into more than one dining time, and our kitchen staff can meet most dietary needs.

What type of meeting rooms do you have?

Both casual and formal.  Barton Hall seats up to 125 people and is suitable for business meetings. The Delta Room in The Lodge is conducive to both secular and religious services. The Lakeview Room is best used for small contemplative gatherings.

What type of equipment do you provide for meetings?

Barton Hall comes with a sound system, projection screen, lectern, and folding chairs.  The Delta Room at The Lodge has a large television monitor, lectern, and a piano.

When do I pay my deposit and how much is it?

At the time of booking.  The deposit will be determined at the time of booking.

If my group’s plans change, is my deposit refundable?

With advance notice, yes.  Since bookings “lock-in” your date and “lock-out” others, cancellations may require forfeiture of your deposit.  The advance notice is 60 days minimum.

Is the Feliciana Retreat and Conference Center available for weddings and reunions?

Yes. Barton Hall may be booked for indoor gatherings but is limited to 125 people.  The Campgrounds may be booked for larger groups but is an outdoor venue.  Any coverings such as a large tented area are not provided.  A limited number of picnic tables are available.  A set-up facility complete with a kitchen is available as are toilet facilities.

What activities does the Feliciana Retreat and Conference Center offer?

Swimming (in a pond), kayaking, canoeing, fishing, hiking, rock wall climbing, zip-lining, and archery are some of the activities that may be arranged prior to your visit.  Contact us to find out more.

Is alcohol allowed?

As a rule no; however, the use of a limited amount may be allowed for religious services and specific ceremonies such as weddings. Recreational consumption of alcohol is forbidden.

Are medical facilities and staff available?

All parties who use the Feliciana Retreat and Conference Center are responsible for providing their own health care.  A signed Risk and Release form is required of all individuals. In addition, trained staff are a requirement for the use of any sporting equipment or water venues. The Feliciana Retreat and Conference Center can provide qualified instructors with prior notice.