The campground offers 11 rustic cabins, and each accommodate 8 guests offering a total capacity of 88. A bathhouse with showers and restrooms is nearby. In addition to the cabins, there is one air conditioned building with 10 bunkbeds in a large room and 2 bunkbeds in a staff bedroom. There is a restroom and washroom with three sinks within this building. The campground also contains a MURF (Multi Use Recreation Facility), which has a kitchen, restroom and a meeting space which will accommodate up to 50.


Camping pitches and rustic cabins cost $10 per person. Air conditioned cabins (16 people) cost $18 per person with a minimum of $288 per night. The bunkhouse (24 people) costs $20 per person, with a minimum spend of $200 per night. The bunkhouse and cabins have a two night minimum stay.

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